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Sollwertvorgabe 0 - 5V/0 - 5kOhm; 200A Spitzen-/125A Dauerstrom; 20 - 80 VDC; Warentarifnummer: 85423310: Multikomponente Integrierte Schaltungen (MCOs)

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Allgemeine Beschreibung

AVB series servo amplifiers are designed to drive brushless DC motors at a high switching frequency for vehicle applications. It is fully protected against over-voltage, over-current, over-heating, under-voltage and short-circuits. This model interfaces with digital controllers or can be used as a stand-alone drive and requires only a single unregulated DC power supply or battery. A single red/green LED and a single digital output indicate operating status. Loop gain, current limit, input gain, offset, command ramping, deadband can be adjusted using 14-turn potentiometers. The offset adjusting potentiometer can also be used as an on-board input signal for testing purposes. It will accept tachometer input, quadrature encoder inputs, or Hall sensor inputs for velocity control.

Motorsollwertvorgabe / Command Source0 - 5 V Analog



0 - 5 kΩ

     2-wire Pots

     3-wire Pots



Dauerstrom / Cont. Current125A
Spitzenstrom / Peak Current200A
Spannungsversorgung / Power Supply20-80 VDC

Dauerausgangsleistung / Continuous Output Power9500 W

Unterstützte Motortypen / Supported Motor TypesSingle Phase DC Servo Motors (brushed, Voice Coil, Inductive Load)

Three Phase EC Servo Motors, trapezoidal Commutation

Betriebsmodi / Operating ModesCurrent


IR Compensation

Duty Cycle

Hall Velocity


Kommutierung / CommutationBlockkommutierung / trapezoidal

Inputs / OutputsInhibit / Enable Output

Current Monitor Output

Velocity Monitor Output

Fault Output

Forward and Reverse Inputs

Push Brake Release Inputs

Speed Limit Pot Input

Current Monitor Output

Velocity Monitor Output

Unterstützte Rückmeldung / Supported FeedbackTachometer (±60 VDC)


Incremental Encoder

Hardware Protection40+ Configurable Functions





Short Circuit (Phase-Phase & Phase-Ground)

Zulassungen / Compliance and Agency ApprovalsUL




Datenblatt und Technische Informationen


Data Sheet: Product Specifications incl, Features, Functionality and Weight & Size


Hardware Manual

Application Notes: 007, 009, 011, 014, 015, 016, 023

Product Notes

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